Free Micronutrient Testing ($447 Value)

The new generation of ALCAT Functional Cellular Assays is here.

Cell Science Systems (CSS) has been rolling out the Beta Test this month and today is the last day that we are promoting it.

In order to address your nutritional needs at the functional cellular level CSS has developed three new assays to provide you with comprehensive information regarding your:

  1. Nutrient DEFICIENCIES (Alcat Micronutrient Assay / 45 test items)
  2. Specific antioxidants that may be PARTICULARLY BENEFICIAL (Antioxidant Protection Assay / 38 test items)
  3. Overall ANTIOXIDANT function (ALCAT Redox Assay - plus 11 proprietary formulations)
By using the ALCAT Test for Food & Chemical Sensitivities, along with the new ALCAT Micronutrient and Antioxidant Protection Assays, it is now possible to scientifically determine what any particular individual should eat and should not eat... and which specific micronutrients may be particularly beneficial.

Experience the three new assays at no charge today, when you order any ALCAT Test for Food Sensitivities. The only requirement is that you fill out a brief questionnaire. 

Micronutrient Panel Information (PDF)

Results Sample - Antioxidant Protection Assay (PDF)

Results Sample - Micronutrient Assay (PDF)

Result Sample - Redox Assay (PDF)

Questionnaire (PDF)

No coupon code needed.  Simply order your ALCAT test before midnight and you will be eligible for this offer.  We will email you to confirm that you would like the FREE micronutrient testing added to your ALCAT order.

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