Weight Management

The Effect of The ALCAT Test Diet Therapy for Food Sensitivity in Patient’s With Obesity
Investigators Mohammed Akmal, Saeed Ahmed Khan, and Abdul Qayyum Khan studied 27 obese patients who were not successful losing weight following a low calorie diet and then placed the patients on an ALCAT based elimination diet. Twelve weeks following the diet, the patients lost a statistically significant amount of weight and fat. In addition, they experienced an overall improvement in well-being. Published in Middle East Journal of Family Medicine, April 2009, Volume 7, Issue 3


The Short Term Efficacy of the ALCAT Test of Food Sensitivities to Facilitate Changes in Body Composition and Self-Reported Disease Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Study
Gilbert R. Kaats, Director; Health and Medical Research Foundation. San Antonio, Dennis Pullin, Executive Director; Baylor Sports Medicine Institute, Houston, TX, Larry K. Parker; MD, Women’s Total Health Care, Angleton, TX. The group following the ALCAT Test Plan LOST SIGNIFICANTLY (p<.001) MORE SCALE WEIGHT, % BODY FAT and FAT WEIGHT; had GREATER IMPROVEMENTS in BODY COMPOSITION (p<.001) and had GREATER INCREASES IN FAT-FREE MASS (p<.001). When compared to the control group, the ALCAT group reported improvements in ALL 20 items on a Disease Symptom Inventory Self Report. It was concluded that, as compared to participants following a weight control plan of their own choosing, following the ALCAT test and diet plan resulted in HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS IN BODY COMPOSITION AND SELF-REPORTED DISEASE SYMPTOMS. 80% of the ALCAT group lowered their body fat and 78% achieved an improvement in body composition. Published American Journal of Bariatric Medicine. Spring, 1996.

Rational management of food intolerance in elite soccer club
A team of investigators led by Fabrizio Angelini studied eight elite (European football) athletes who were selected based on symptoms suspected of being food related. These athletes were placed on an ALCAT based-elimination diet, followed for eight months then retested again. There was significant improvement in the athletes’ condition and reduction in inflammatory response as seem through improvement in body composition.Published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2011, Volume 8 (Supplement 1). Angelini, F., Marzatico, F., Stesina, G., Stefanini, L., Bonuccelli, A., Buonocore, D.